BollardScanTM. The smartest solution for testing bollards.

The increase in international trade and the growing popularity of cruises have caused an increase in both shipping density and size of vessels. This has not only resulted in an increased level of activity in ports and harbours, but also in an increased level of safety risks, particularly during mooring and un-mooring operations.

The state of the mooring bollards is often unknown. Bollards are expected to withstand larger forces, but the construction and the anchoring are often worn out and no longer have the capacity to meet with the increased forces. A conservative estimate is that eighty percent of all bollards are over 60 years of age. The lack of dedicated regular maintenance may result in serious damage to vessels and quayside walls and fatal accidents cannot be ruled out.

The smartest bollard test

The BollardScanTM is a unique way to establish the integrity of the bollard and its foundation. And whether it still meets the design requirements of the structure. The methodology that was developed in-house is based on the transmission of vibration and sound through the structure allowing us to pinpoint any errors.

BollardScan offers: