Safety is the name of our game

The safety of man and environment has been tantamount to the development of BollardScanTM. 

The risks of accidents and incidents during mooring operations are likely to increase rather than decrease. The load testing of bollards with tugboats, heavy wires and other machinery belongs to the past now that BollardScanTM is available. 

BollardScanTM is a non-destructive way of testing and will be executed by well-trained staff,   highly experienced in port operations. The equipment is portable and lightweight and can be used even in the most remote parts of any port. 

The company

BollardScanTM is a trading name of Dutch based Mooring BV, which is affiliated to Transoil Transhipment Services ( and Marpol Services ( Together, these companies offer over 60 years of experience in the maritime industry. See contact for our offices and representatives.

Certified by Lloyd’s

In august 2018 a review of the procedures and an on-site demonstration of the BollardScan technique was conducted by Lloyd’s Register. From their report: ‘The non-destructive dynamic testing is designed for the inspection of dock side bollards in order to assess the integrity of the bollard structure and evaluate the condition of the bollard mountings, supports by the assessment of in-depth analysis of the captured data.The reviewed documents and an on-site demonstration of the technique applied to a typical bollard has confirmed that the company are considered technically acceptable for their intended applications, and are of a high, professional standard. The inspection provides an empirical, non-destructive method of assessing and monitoring the structural integrity of a bollard and its mountings’.

Meet the experts

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